Do you wish you had a financial expert at your fingertips who could would with you to show you not how to just be financially reassured but to develop financial resilience, strength and even wellness?

My 8 week Financial Adulting Plan is just that. All for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day you’ll have an award winning accountant, financial advisor and expert at your finger tips – helping you transform your finances and taking back control.

And if you don’t, I’ll give you every cent back. Pinky swear.

What do you have to lose?

If you know that you need me as your financial mentor in order to make a positive difference to your finances this year, don’t put it off.

More money in the bank

Understand investing - in shares, property & business

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Create your very own bespoke financial plan  

Stop the sabotage cycle

Financial awareness to stop the sabotage cycle

The course is currently closed as we roll up our sleeves and work with our current group of adulters! Join the waitlist so you don't miss out when we reopen in February 2021 

I know from helping clients with their finances for over two decades that many people reach a certain birthday or milestone and decide it’s time to financially grow up and sort themselves out.

The problem is, one-on-one financial advice is expensive. And books are great, but sometimes we need help that’s a little more intensive.

Plus, there’s truth in the concept that if I do something for you, sure you’ll learn but you’ll always be reliant on me. But if I teach you how to do something, support you, mentor you and give you all the tools, resources and knowledge at my disposal – you’re going to be able to financially fly on your own.

That’s why I created the My Financial Adulting Plan.

Here, over eight weeks you’re going to start by discovering your money beliefs, your money story and your money identity. You’re going to move on to figure out where you are now, where you want to be and you’ll understand how to close the gap between those two places. You’ll create your very own bespoke financial plan that you can go away and implement straight away. And you’ll discover debt strategies, investment concepts, the best habits for your money type, bank accounts, automation, why developing multiple income streams is so important, how to deal with money in a relationship and so much more.

Plus I've created a Bonus Finances in the Time of Covid19 module to help you make sense of all you're entitled to, answer your questions and help you protect your income & assets.

You’ll have a tribe of like-minded people all striving for the same thing and myself and my team ready to help when you need it. There’ll be weekly live Q&A’s because I know you’re going to have loads of questions and the option to book myself or Lauren for what we call financial personal training sessions (PT Sessions) if you need more help.

Perhaps you’re at a place where you’re financially overwhelmed, or let’s be honest, a little financially screwed. Or maybe you’re at a place where you’re feeling financially meh. Or perhaps you’re at a place where you think you’re doing financially ok but you’d love to be doing better. As long as you know it's time to try something different - this is the course for you.

I can’t wait to work with you.

Mel x

What to expect from My Financial Adulting Plan



 I created this course before our good friend Covid joined the party and the truth is we need to financially sort ourselves out more than ever. I've worked with thousands of men & women for over two decades and know the simple things you can implement that will make a huge difference to your financial future. I've designed this 8 week course for wherever you're at financially - to gain financial knowledge, empowerment and independence. For you to have the tools to reach your goals and live life the way you want to. It's an 8 week course but I'm giving you 12 weeks access, because I know life happens. Join now. You'll be so thankful you did.

I believe, more than ever before, we need to sort ourselves out financially. This course will help you do just that. Mel x


Course Modules Are:

1. Financial Self Awareness

Including Breaking up with Money and My Money Story and more

2. Your Money Type

Including understanding your unique Money Type: the Worker, Creator, Discerner or Relator

3. The Gap

Including understanding where you're at now, where your money goes, what you have and what you owe, what your future self wants and what the gap looks like

4. Closing the Gap

Including Paying down Good, Bad and OK Debt, Finding more Cash, Saving and Re-evaluating how much is enough?

5. Financial Knowledge

Including risk vs reward, Shares, Property, Business and Developing Multiple Income Streams  

6. Great Money Habits

Including Money Habits for Money Types, Bank accounts and automating, Stressors and sabotaging

7. Money Maintenance

Including Putting checks in place, How to adapt and grow with your finances and more

8. Money Partnerships 

Including Having difficult conversations, Bank Accounts, Sexually Transmitted Debt, Creating shared goals, Conscious coupling and uncoupling

Bonus Weeks

Your Money and Covid 19 including stimulus packages, protecting your income and assets, what levers to pull and what to leave and alone

Australian deep dive, conscious consuming and investing and more


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Clare Elsworth

Mel is the perfect combination of understanding & no excuses. If you are serious about unf**king your finances, Mel will give you the tools you need to do the work & make long-lasting changes that positively impact not only your bank balance, but your relationship with money.

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Tina Tower

Working with Melissa has been incredible. I feel so much more confident and know that my future self will thank me for the small changes I've made that will make such a big difference. 

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I took an interest in personal finance about six or seven years ago and have been taking small steps to get better along the way, but My Financial Adulting Plan was what has really helped me to get clear on what I want in life, and how to bridge the gap between where I am and where I want to go. She keeps things fun and grounded, but also fact-based (thought not in an overwhelming way). I also appreciate having a mix in our cohort of business owners, corporate rockstars, and women in all different places in their finance journey. 

This program has helped me put in routine habits to make sure I always have my finger on the pulse with where my money is going, and helped me to realize a life of financial freedom isn't as far away or daunting as it initially seemed. So glad a mentor got me onto Mel's brand, and can't wait to see where these new behaviours and mindsets take my finances.


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"I have a dirty little secret. I'm terrible with money and finances..and over the past few years, I have had to learn some VERY tough lessons around money, and debt. A few years ago, I read a book called "Unf*ck Your Finances" by Melissa Browne which immediately resonated with me and ever since then I have wanted to engage with Mel.... because quite frankly, a woman who loves expensive shoes and is addicted to chocolate, really is my soul mate! When Covid hit, I started seeing Mel's IGTV pop up on insta ( check out @moremoneyforshoes ) .... AND then, whaddya know she launches My Financial Adulting Plan and I can honestly say it's incredible! I committed to the course, did the work, and even committed to an additional 30-minute one-on-one (paid) session with Mel who helped me nut out a particularly bad financial pattern that I needed to break.

If you are a woman who is constantly sitting in a state of fear and panic surrounding money then THIS is the course for you. It's NOT a "one size fits all" - it helps you understand your personal spending patterns (and your partners), and teaches how to create the life that you want from where you are (inclusive of ALLLLLLLL the debt you may have) - she gives you all the tools to create your own financial plan... and its REALLY simple because she breaks it down and explains it in bitesize chunks. Historically, I am not a fan of online courses at all, but I can honestly say that this course changed my life! Today was the last day of the course, and coincidentally I also paid the last outstanding (and very overdue) bill in my business, AND paid a big chunk off my credit card. If money issues are something that have been concerning you for sometime, but you don't know where to start, then I can honestly say START HERE. This is the best money I've ever spent!”

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So sad that the course is over . Paige and I are still going to have a Monday finance night to discuss all things finance once a week, it has been so brilliant for us both

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Erika Siabatto

Talking about money is still a sensitive matter, is hard to openly share with all my network but I used to be broke and very stressed about money. I read books and articles and downloaded Apps that I never used, I failed once and again to change my money habits until I bumped into a book called Unf*ck Your Finances, then More Money For Shoes, then it all slowly started clicking, but still didn't change my life. One day, while crying about money I checked Melissa Browne's website, she is the author of these books I read. I wanted to see if she had a seminar, training or anything that would help me. That was in October last year.

Today I'm so proud to be able to celebrate that I am totally debt-free. I have learned to invest in shares, I have done a total 180 in my relationship with money, I educated myself to work towards a life I'm excited about, where I understand my finances. I didn't do all this alone, Melissa Browne did have a course I took; Financial Adulting Plan, a course I can't recommend enough to these in my network that are suffering in silence because of money-related stress... Please, please give this a chance, I promise you won't regret it!

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Ally, Sydney

I have a goal of saving enough for a deposit to buy an investment property back in my home town, the Gold Coast. Being a single 29 year old woman, you have made me work out a plan so my dream can be a reality. I have opened up two extra accounts (oh fuck) and (fun) and started spending my detox!

I loved how you spoke about what people want for you - to go a bit deeper what I thought I wanted/where I would be now - married, a child etc. But again, am so bloody proud I can really work towards something on my own.


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