Transform your business from a tantrumming toddler or a hormonal teenager to an empowered adult.

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Too many people don't know how to price their goods or services. We often will price low, figuring we can increase the price once we have enough customer (which is a sure-fire way to piss off our customers). Or we price somewhere in the middle because we don't want to be too expensive and we don't want to be too cheap. Often the problem is, because we feel like we're valuing ourselves - it can mean we aren't willing to price what we're worth. Because we don't value ourselves enough.
That's why it's important to understand the psychology of pricing. To remove the emotion, the bias, the feeling of not being enough and to understand the science behind pricing.
In this webinar you'll learn ten different ways to price your goods and services and implementing just one of them could make the difference of thousands of dollars to your bottom line. We spend a whole module on this subject in my Business Makeover Series course but because I know it's important (and transformational) I want to share some of these secrets with you.



Sunday 23 Feb at 5pm

Wednesday 26 February 9:30am

Wednesday 4 March 5:30pm

More money in the bank

Know the small things that make the biggest difference

Understand your numbers

10 Ways to improve your pricing

Get the tips to increase that bottom line with some pricing hacks.


Research shows that women are starting businesses faster than men BUT we’re not doing it anywhere near as profitably. I want to change that and help you turn your business into one that is not just solving problems but is also making you money. I’ve designed this nine week course for you – to gain deeper business knowledge, empowerment and ultimately more money in the bank. For you to have the tools to help you create a business that is not treating you like a sweat shop worker but the business boss that you are. It’s a 9 week course but I’m giving you 12 weeks access, because I know life happens. Join now. You’ll be so thankful you did.

I’ve worked with thousands of clients over the last twenty years and know exactly what it takes to move your business from a tantruming toddler or hormonal teenager and into an empowered, freaking amazing business. But I haven’t just helped clients, I’ve also built two businesses from scratch to multi-million dollar businesses (with a third on its way there) and sold one of them for over seven figures. So, I’ve done it myself. 

I also know the stresses of business. The moments at 3am when you’re lying awake wondering how you’re going to pay staff, suppliers and rent, never mind paying yourself. The moments when you’re watching other business owners seemingly doing it effortlessly and wondering what are they doing that you’re not? And maybe hoping for a fairy godmother who can wave their wand and help.

I’m not a fairy godmother but my Business Makeover Series is the next best thing.

Here over our 9 weeks together we’re going to look at what you need to be doing to help your business not simply survive but soar. We’ll start with your mindset and move to pricing, being busy vs being productive, building a community, cashflow, capacity and people, systems, business models, business plans, budgets and so much more.


But it’s not simply an online course. Here, you’ll have a tribe of like-minded people all striving for the same thing and myself and my team ready to help when you need it. There’ll be weekly Live Q&A’s with myself and Lauren where we’ll be answering all your business questions and the option to book myself or Lauren for Pick your Brain sessions for a small extra fee if you need more help. 

Chances are you started your business because you were good at what you did, you wanted to solve a problem, meet a need, spend more time with your kids, escape the rat race or to have the freedom to work on your own terms. But now, you’re finding that while you’re great at what you do, you didn’t realise you really needed to become great at running a business. If that’s you – this course is for you.

My guarantee is that if you don’t make at least double your investment within 12 months of completing the course I’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked. Plus, you’ll receive access to my Business Basics Series absolutely free.

What do you have to lose?

I can’t wait to work with you.

Mel x












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